Work work work

Updated: November 15, 2012

In my continuing quest to monetize and advertise all of my various skills and take stabs at profiting from various online avenues of work it’s starting to feel like work is all I do lately. I haven’t been playing any games (unless you count steam reporting that I am now playing Game Maker: Studio a lot) despite my enormous backlog of stuff I want to play.

This is partly just in my nature of working on fifty different projects at once, and partly down to me wanting to throw out as many different nets and explore as many fields as possible, and hang on to those with most potential.

My GameMaker: Studio tutorial series just launched its intro, while there’s no real content up there yet it’s had a reasonably positive response for a channel with next to no subscriber base and it’s got people interested enough to start following the content when it comes out. I’ve picked up a fancy new microphone for a bargain price that should replace my headset mic for recording and is much higher quality.

I’ve had some promising discussions with distributors re: Inevitable, although getting the thing to operate properly on android is seeming to be a losing fight. A big shame really. But lessons have been learned in regard to HTML5 game design. Keep effects and sprite movements simple if you want to do anything on android. It’s a huge pain in the arse right now but that’s just the tech as it stands.

I’ve gotten a lot of useful information from some already successful HTML5 devs via emailing and networking which is getting me further along the right path. I’ve also found some good-paying freelance HTML5 dev work amongst other things.

So while I’ve been losing a lot of my evenings lately, they’ve been fun in themselves and returning some awesome and exciting results. Lets hope it all keeps up. Much more still to do!