Consultation & 1:1 Tutoring

I do my best to create freely accessible, top quality tutorials that give you the kick start you need to start learning how to make games yourself. This is how I learned, I used the resources that I could find and the GameMaker manual and slowly taught myself what I needed. Not everyone learns in the same way however and I get a lot of requests for one to one help from people who have gotten stuck in my tutorials, don’t know how to proceed with their own projects, or who just aren’t able to find their footing through online tutorials.

I used to handle these requests freely in my own time, but since my channel has grown I get far too many requests and my time is limited. I still want to be able to help people in this way, so now I offer it as a paid, online service. Whether you want me to look at your project, help tutor you personally or however else you feel my experience can help you. This can be done over Skype or another similar online service.

Get in touch if you are interested. Every case is unique and we’ll need to talk about exactly what you want and hope to gain before deciding if this is right for you. I openly recommend most people to just make use of free resources! That’s what they’re there for! =)

Workshops, Classes and Lectures

I’ve always been passionate about helping students get into game development the way I did. I believe deeply that the best thing any budding designer can do is start making games and GameMaker gives you all the tools you need to do just that. I offer classes, lectures and full day workshops for universities and schools giving practical guidance on a wide range of topics from building your very first games, through to advanced polish and rapid prototyping with GameMaker and GML code.

I’ve worked with many different institutions, age groups and skill levels. If you’re interested in hiring me to deliver something like the above feel free to get in touch.