Two Months Later

Updated: August 7, 2013

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, but not without good reason. A lot has gone on these past couple of months! More than I can really deal with in one blog post but I’ll try and summarize. First of all, I’m fully entered for the WinBig competition and I couldn’t really be happier about that. There were a lot of hurdles, certainly not the least of which was balancing dev time with a full time job.

I changed my original plan of developing a brand new game, to finally getting around to finishing the remake of Perspective. I’ve long felt that Perspective’s mechanics were only half explored, and that there was so much more I could do with the game that I never had the time, insight or skill to create back in early 2011.

So thus I’ve created Another Perspective.

Another Perspective

I promised myself a number of times I would never call the sequel something stupid like that, but it just turned out to be the best name. ‘Perspective 2’ didn’t really fit with what I considered a remake rather than a direct sequel, and as much as I wanted to avoid further confusion with a certain Digipen student game; “Perspective” was still the best word that summed up everything the game was about. And so, Another Perspective was born.

To be brief, it’s a complete remake of Perspective. A new story, more puzzles, more mechanics,¬†better controls, better artwork (largely courtesy of Hannah Pretswell) better everything.

Working on this thing has totally thrown off my youtube videos. I haven’t put out any new content for 2 months, yet viewers and subscribers are still growing strong strangely enough. I’ll be looking to get back to those asap. Along with actually updating this blog.

Another Perspective is submitted for the competition, but isn’t directly released on Windows 7 and below just yet. I’ll be working towards that this month. More information about the game will be coming via this blog in the upcoming days.