The stuff nobody notices

Updated: April 30, 2014

But that is still totally worth it! …maybe?

[spoilers about Another Perspective to follow]

When I made Another Perspective I tried really hard to theme it in a particular way. A lot of the game’s story is about identity. What it means to be a video game character or a ‘fictional’ character in general. That ‘story’ and idea is ofcourse wrapped underneath the mental challenges of a puzzle game, which is the first thing most people playing the game are interested in. I could go into depth about how I came up with the story and what it means to me but that’s a whole article in itself. What I want to talk about here is some of the things I did to try and convey specific ideas and how a lot of them ended up not so much being “mis-interpreted” but simply not interpreted at all.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t see this as some sort of huge failing on my part. Every game and piece of art in general is coated with details that nobody notices or seems to care about. Things that often took a ton of work too.

It’s interesting to me to think about though, because even though it seems from an objective view that some of these things were a waste of time; I still don’t see myself doing the game differently if I went back and made it again*. Because there’s something about adding in dumb stuff that nobody will notice that’s insanely exciting to me. Because every now and again, one person notices and it resonates with them in a powerful way and makes everything completely worth it.

Even if it doesn’t exactly equate to more sales.

That said I want to share some of these things with the people that didn’t notice them. So if you’ve already played the game to it’s completion, here are some fun details you might not have noticed. If you haven’t, don’t spoil yourself! Or do. Up to you really.






Theres a few other things too, but you get the idea. A lot of the stuff I’m actually most proud of in this game is the stuff nobody ever particularly notices. Which is a very strange way of thinking and I’m not sure is one that is conducive to me ever making a profit. Haha.


*Actually there’s a lot I’d do differently, but not in the sense of “not doing stuff like this” rather than making it more visible and drawing more attention to it.

**Except when you fall out of the screen or restart the level.

***Every level had to have the player start where he left the last level. This made it really hard to move the order of levels around whenever I wanted which was a big pain. It also made it hard to create certain styles or themes of level wherever I wanted. I had to get creative a lot of the time. Levels often end with big pits/falls before the door, or big climbs/stairways. This is often done just to set up the next level.