TEESPORTS Needs you ...'re stuff!

TEESPORTS is running entirely based on a community effort by Teesside Fight Club, the UK FGC and other event supporters/sponsors. All of our equipment is sourced directly from the community. If you have any of the following that you can bring to the event please get in touch:
  • Xbox 360 consoles & cables
  • LCD Monitors, speakers and HDMI/VGA cables
  • Copies of SSF4 AE, UMVC3, TTT2 or KOFXIII
  • Xbox 360 harddrives containing DLC for the above games.
Please email Shaun.Spalding@gmail.com or get in touch via the facebook event page if you can help us out. With your help this tournament can be even better.

TEESPORTS has over 60 pre-registered tournament players and Teesside Fight Club is a community that reaches over 100 UK gamers especially from the North East. If you operate within this market and wish to take an interest in this or future events please get in contact: Shaun.Spalding@gmail.com

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