Shaun Spalding
Based in Newcastle, United Kingdom

Release date:
8 November, 2013

PC / Mac
Steam Greenlight


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Another Perspective is a 2d puzzle platformer following the very confusing adventure of someone who is looking for something but doesn't remember what that something is. He discovers he has the power to swap minds with what appears to be other versions of himself who all see the world in different ways. Where one pair of eyes sees a bottomless pit, another might not. Combining these thoughts and realities leads him to progress - or to at least do something that resembles progress - however this new found ability deeply confuses and concerns him. He is left with the quest of not only finding whatever it was he was looking for, but also of just making some kind of sense out of the world around him.


Development started in late 2012. Seeking to further improve upon the title that had secured his job in the games industry, Shaun built Another Perspective in his free time while also managing a full time job as a game designer at Ubisoft Reflections. As much as the project stressed the limits of his work and play balance, Shaun found a true sense of fulfilment in the project that he realized he might never find in triple A development. In 2013, as a project being developed in Game Maker he decided to enter it into the YoYo Games "Win Big" competition in the hopes of securing one of the runner up prizes which was a copy of Game Maker: Studio's "Master Collection". Instead, Another Perspective went on to win both best original game and best game overall. The money from this competition paired with revenue from game sales, and from the ad revenue generated by his successful Game Maker YouTube series, enabled Shaun to make the tough choice to leave his job to pursue indie development full time.


  • Original story following a man stuck in a narrative that doesn't make any sense.
  • A body swapping super power that allows you to see each level differently.
  • Mind-bending puzzles that need you to consider all worlds at once.
  • A strange, dark atmosphere where things may not be how they first appear, and may not even be how they don't appear.
  • Multiple playable characters! ...I think? I'm not actually sure.


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Trailer Two YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Another Perspective, 1st Place Prize - YoYo Games WinBig Contest" YoYo Games, October 2013
  • "Another Perspective, Best New Game - YoYo Games WinBig Contest" YoYo Games, October 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Another Perspective is a great title with a great hook. For me it was the perfect blend of simple but not bland, challenging yet not frustrating."
    - Michael Mahony, Enemy Slime
  • "Another Perspective takes a winning mechanic and re-purposes it in a fun and challenging way."
    - Burton Trench, The Quartermelon

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Release Blog Post
The blog-post through which this game was released is available at shaunspalding.co.uk.

About Shaun Spalding

Shaun Spalding is an independent video game developer and video producer. He likes to make things.

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Another Perspective Credits

Shaun Spalding
Design, Programming, Art, Sound, Music

Hannah Pretswell
Character Art and Animation, Freelancer

Matthew Harrington
Additional Music, Freelancer

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