Shaun Spalding
Based in Newcastle, United Kingdom

Founding date:
September 11, 1989


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Another Perspective

+44 7741431955


Shaun Spalding is an independent video game developer and video producer. He likes to make things.


Developer History

After graduating from Teesside University in 2011, Shaun started life in the games industry as a design intern at Ubisoft Reflections after a lead designer was impressed by his final year project; a puzzle platform game called "Perspective" made using Game Maker. He ended up working at Reflections as a game designer for just over two years. In November 2013 he released a new independent game, a 'spiritual successor' to his first game called "Another Perspective". This game went on to win a substantial cash prize during a competition ran by the developers of Game Maker (the engine Shaun used to produce both of the 'Perspective' games) which gave Shaun the freedom to leave his job and become an independent developer full time. In his spare time Shaun also produces a popular YouTube series on game development using game maker called "Making Games". The youtube channel at time of writing has over 18,000 subscribers and over a million total video views worldwide.

Why leave the industry?

While developing Another Perspective, the main goal was to not only fix problems that bothered him about the original game design, but to produce something that reflected his own personal growth as a designer; having learned much more from his time in the industry and from his colleagues than he knew when he produced his first game. After a lot of development it became clear to Shaun that his own projects were always his strongest work and that he got much more satisfaction out of working on his own projects than he believed would ever possible within Ubisoft. After Another Perspective won the YoYo games competition Shaun made the difficult choice to leave the triple A industry (along with his financial stability) in order to pursue a passion to become independent and be able to truly express himself in the games that he makes.



Another Perspective: Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Another Perspective, 1st Place Prize - YoYo Games WinBig Contest" - YoYo Games, October 2013
  • "Another Perspective, Best New Game - YoYo Games WinBig Contest" - YoYo Games, October 2013
  • "Perspective, VIS Award for excellence in game and level design" - ExpoTEES, 2011

Selected Articles

  • "Another Perspective is a great title with a great hook. For me it was the perfect blend of simple but not bland, challenging yet not frustrating."
    - Michael Mahony, Enemy Slime
  • "Another Perspective takes a winning mechanic and re-purposes it in a fun and challenging way."
    - Burton Trench, The Quartermelon

Making Games - YouTube Channel
Educational video series on making games using Game Maker studio. youtube.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Shaun Spalding
Designer, Programmer, Artist

Hannah Pretswell
Artist and Animator, Freelance

Matthew Harrington
Composer, Freelance

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