New website & GameMaker Consulting

Updated: March 29, 2017

It’s around that time yet again where I decide to rebuild my website’s WordPress theme and generally update all of the content. Having recently left my previous job at YoYo Games to pursue independent ventures once again, my first major task (after having had a much needed rest) is in cleaning up this mess of a place.

Huh? Oh, yeah I left my job to go indie again. I’ll come back to all that in another post some time soon, but as of right now, new website!

As with last time I’ve built the theme from scratch, which although probably unnecessary and many times the work load is all that my control hungry, nerdy mind is willing to accept. Last time was a great exercise in learning more about how WordPress actually works, and let me strip out all of the stuff more built up themes have (even “Minimalist” themes) that I just don’t really need. The last theme however was a bit err… nineties. This time around I’ve shamelessly stolen design ideas from other nice modern websites that have similar goals to me (For example that scrolling code thing in the header -assuming I still have it when you read this- I nicked that idea straight from the GameMaker subreddit) and now have something that’s nicer to look at, a bit more practical, a bit better written from past experience and should also be at least faintly mobile friendly.

Building from scratch also¬†gave me that “Coding high” you get when you learn a new tool, or language enough to really start making the wheels turn and the possibilities feel endless. Soon wears off like, but it’s powerful while it lasts. Never turn down free work ethic when your mind and body hands it to you on a plate.

Not everything is finished yet, but feel free to check out my new services page! Speaking of:

GameMaker Consultancy

After years of email requests I’m finally offering paid one to one GameMaker assistance, consultancy and tutoring, as well as extending a more open invitation to anyone who wants to hire me for lectures and workshops, now that I have some significant experience built up in that field.

I don’t know how the former will work out in the long run, it’s a bit experimental for now as a response to interest that’s been shown in the past, I’m testing the waters and seeing how it goes.

More things to come, but this is really just a post to kick off the new website. I’m still waiting for my microphone to return before starting on any video stuff, this week for me is just a combination of looking after myself, keeping healthy and working on getting this site together. So far so good!

I’d ask you to tell me what you think so far but I still haven’t worked out how to add a comments form yet.