Another Perspective won me $15k

Updated: September 4, 2013

Those of you connected to me through some form of social media will have probably noticed by now that I won a competition and it’s some sort of big deal. So here’s the well overdue blog post about it and then I can get back to work!


Another Perspective, the remake of my 2011 game Perspective won the YoYo Games Win Big competition taking both the “Best New Game” award and first prize overall. This is really pretty awesome and I am super happy and totally mind blown by the result.

Another Perspective is a puzzle platform game with the very same concepts and ideas as Perspective. These concepts have then been taken further, mechanics and controls have been revamped and the game itself is of much higher quality overall. I was never happy with a lot of stuff that went into the first game and have wanted to remake Perspective for a very long time. So it’s fantastic to see that this work has paid off and the game is already doing well.

The game is actually only released on the Windows 8 store right now, I have not done anything to market the game although the competition win by itself has increased interest. I had to release the game on the store for the purposes of the competition, and planned to release the game on Windows 7 and Android immediately after the contest was over. However in light of the winning result I am adding further polish, content and tweaks to the game to prepare for a  super polished final Windows 7 release sometime in late October (I hope!). The android release will probably come some time after this but hopefully before Christmas.

In the mean time I’m going to be trying to actually market the game alongside development. Expect to hear lots more about it on the ramp up to the Windows 7 release!

For those who don’t know, I’ve been working as a game designer at Ubisoft Reflections for the past 2 years, however my contract there is coming to an end in October. While I’ve loved working with Reflections, I think most people who know me would agree that I’m an ‘indie developer at heart’. My plan has always been to try and strike out on my own and try to earn a living working on my own projects. The prize money from this competition has essentially funded me to do just that. This is why winning this competition is such a life changing moment for me, and I really could not be happier. I have the very real opportunity to just do what I love and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.