Important Note: This is a very old game of mine and is not the same product as the more recently released Another Perspective. I keep this game around for legacy’s sake but it really is much lower quality compared to the new game. On the other hand, it’s free!

A puzzle platformer I made while at University that eventually came to become my final year project. The game revolves around a soul shifting mechanic that allows the player to swap between character clones. These clones later come to see the level blocks from their own “Perspectives” (Ho ho!) and can walk in places where others cannot. A lot of time and love went into this first game but it’s far from perfect. I have since developed Another Perspective which is a spiritual successor/major revamp and upgrade of this game. Please check it out!

And no it’s not the DigiPen game which came out around a year later and is way cooler 🙁

Download the original ‘Perspective’ for free!

The game will try and detect if you have a pad and allow you to use it. If you have a pad plugged in pad controls will be shown ingame instead of keyboard controls. However the game always arrogantly assumes it’s a 360 pad you have, so you’ll have to work out the equivalents if you use a different pad. Or just unplug and use the keyboard.