Another Perspective – Launching on Steam!

Updated: August 5, 2014

So a few months ago my game Another Perspective was greenlit on Steam. This week it’s (finally) getting released! I made an exciting new trailer for the Steam launch so that everyone else can be just as excited about all the excitement.

As mentioned in the trailer there’s some new stuff although a lot of it is polish. All of the features from 1.2 like windowed mode, fullscreen and believing in your Dreams™ are ofcourse included along with a few new little things. Some extra levels have been sneaked in with a few little changes and corrections here or there (largely in Mystery mode) and there’s eight fun Steam achievements and a couple of new secrets to find. There’s also localization for a few languages that some cool people volunteered to help me out with. Not all of them will be in the game for release, but they will get added to the game one by one once the game is out.

The game is out on Friday August 8th, 5pm PDT (which is August 9th technically in Europe, so you can buy it when you wake up!) If you’ve already bought the game before you do not need to buy it again. As I’ll be trying to make sure that everyone who has bought the game from my site, desura,, etc will get a Steam key for the game. If you feel like buying it again anyway though I am definitely not going to stop you.

This is probably the final ‘major’ update to the game as I really want to move on to new projects. I’ve had a bit of a ‘never finished’ disease with this game and even to this day there’s still a lot of ways in which I feel the game is flawed or could be made into something more, but I’m at the point where I’d rather build a whole new, better product from scratch. Rather than keep trying to lift this game up to meet ever increasing standards, because I could do that forever and be just as trapped in a maze of dark clouds, doors, keys, text and bricks as the character is.

I’m very excited about simply releasing something on Steam. It’s a pretty big milestone for me even with so many other titles getting greenlit these days.  We don’t live in an age where ‘out on Steam’ is synonymous with financial success anymore, but thankfully my tutorial content and patreon are starting to free me up to care more about people experiencing the game than people buying it to keep me alive. Which is a pretty cool place to be.