Another Perspective PC launch!

It’s out! It’s out! Finally releasing Another Perspective into the wild. You can learn more about the game on it’s official launch page. Then if you are so inclined you can choose to purchase it for the price of five american dollars. You can even purchase the game right here in this blog post! Does technology know no bounds!?

If you have any technical issues with the game feel free to contact me at and I will do my best to help out. If you are press and would like to know lots of useful information about the game or request a press copy among other exciting things, visit my presskit page!

4 thoughts on “Another Perspective PC launch!

  1. Even

    Wow !!!
    When I took a look at, I saw a list of showcase games, it had many games on it, but I preferred to click on the one called “Another Perspective”, and believe it or not, I was attracted to it from the first 2 seconds of the video, for me, only few games do that, as most of them (even big companies titles) are in fact just futile.
    I encourage you to continue making games, and I hope to see “Another Perspective” a title for a great movie or why not a high-budget video game.
    I will always keep following you…and you’ll always be in my “perspective”.

  2. Louis

    Wow, this is insanely good. I love how you’ve taken such a simple premise and taken it in so many innovative directions. Great job Shaun!


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